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Skopje Photo Tour

One day in Skopje - Skopje Photo Tour - 20€ per person

You will meet at the city's most famous and emotional landmark, the Old railway station of Skopje and then depending on the weather we will grab a coffee either in a Café or outside in front of Mother Theresa memorial house and start the Skopje Photo Tour.

The group will sit down and make a plan of the action. All Tapshanov needs to know is what type of photography you are targeting here: instagram content, tourist photos or photographs for professional use.

Tapshanov will guide the Skopje photo tour through the most iconic locations in North and South Skopje. He will share insider knowledge of the city while shooting unforgettable photos of famous Skopje landmarks.

Skopje Photo Tour

This is more than a photo walk, Tapshanov is quite knowledgable about Skopje & Macedonia in general, his passion beside Photography is History, so while you are taking pictures you will be learning more about the city and the country itself.

Tapshanov prefers finishing the walk in the Bohemian Quarter at the Bohemian Street where you can have traditional Macedonian lunch, discus your images and photography in general, share more stories about Skopje and the life in Macedonia.

NOTE: The photo walk is suitable for both, amateurs and professionals. If you need help with setting your camera or composition, I am here to help.

The Walk:

- 3 Hours 

- Starting point: Skopje City Museum (Old Railway station)

To bring:

- Comfy clothes

- Equipment

- Positive vibes

- Passion for Photography & Travel

Minimum number of participants is 2. The Photo walk will happen for one guest up to a group of 6.

Golden hours in Skopje - 40€ - 2 DAYS - 4px min. 

- 65€ - 3px or less

- Contact for more info 

- DEPOSIT OF 30% IS REQUIRED - PayPal, German, US, UK, Hungarian Bank transfer

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