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Is WIX the best website builder for photographers?

First, if you are here you are probably in a search for the best website builder for photographers and already one click away from subscribing to Squarespace.

But is Squarespace the best website builder for photographers?

Squarespace is dominating the "YouTube" photographers community and for a good reason. Their website building platform is amazing, but it is not the only one. You can get the same results or better for cheaper.

If you are influenced by the likes of Peter McKinnon or Thomas Heaton, your natural choice will be Squarespace, but let me explain you shortly why I think that WIX might be the best website builder for photographers out there.

best website builder for photographers

WIX wasn't my first choice when I decided to create my online portfolio. My first online home was SmugMug and they've been great, but I needed more.

Maybe this post will sound sponsored but its nothing like that, I just simply love the platform and do think that it is the best website builder for photographers.

I left SmugMug for the WIX website builder for several reasons:

  1. The package that I used "SmugMug Power" costs 11$ monthly (I prefer paying month by month) and for 8.5$ you get more from WIX plus one year free domain. If you decide to pay annually they cost the same, but WIX always has offers of 20% or 50% OFF if you pay earlier for next year. Currently I am running on the "Unlimited package" because there was an upgrade offer and I got it for 75$ a year plus domain free, which I got for a friend. So next year I will just downgrade and pay 85$. Maybe they'll give some discount again.

  2. The other reasons is the SEO. My portfolio is not my first WIX website, I have created several others for small business and managed to get on Google's first page in mater of days. So, after creating my website here I instantly noticed much more visitors who were checking out my portfolio and all of them were coming from Google images. My photographs are much more visible on the search before.

  3. Third is the flexibility in designing. With endless options, you can make your portfolio look the way you want it. This is not the case with SmugMug. I was much more limited and that is a problem for a professional designer. You have the freedom in design with Squrespace also but, the price for WIX is better and after my research and chat with some friends, WIX has better SEO and leads the race in other features by a mile.

Well, I hope that this helped you a little bit in the decision of which website builder is best for your portfolio and if you do decide to go with WIX, please share you link in the comment box bellow.

best website builder for photographers

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