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H'Mong woman in SaPa, Vietnam

"Marriage is considered vital in every Hmong person's life and is the basis for establishing ties with other family groups."[1] Hmong men traditionally chose a bride from another clan, with the man's father arranging the marriage. It was taboo for a man to choose a bride from his own clan. The father would consult with his own relatives and the bride. She could decline the match, but if she and her family agreed, drinks were made and a bride price was discussed.

A traditional Hmong wedding consisted of three separate ceremonies of animal sacrifices and feasts. In the Hmong society, a woman keeps close relationships with her family and never takes her husband’s last name. However, after marriage, she joins her husband’s family to work and live with them.If widowed, a Hmong woman has few choices. According to a Hmong saying, "Widows cry to death". The woman’s children belong to her husband’s family and a woman cannot inherit wealth, which a her with virtually nothing. If her husband’s brother marries her she can remain in her husband’s family. Polygamy is condoned in Hmong society, but rare. - Wikipedia

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