Iran Photography Workshop - COMING SOON

Boy riding a donkey on Qeshm island in Iran.

Join me in this one of a kind Iran photography workshop. During this tour, we’ll widely explore the country from the South up to the capital Tehran and everything else in between. We will photograph the "out of this world landscape" at the Lut Desert, widely referred to as Dasht-e Lut,  the amazing city of Yazd and go back in time in Persepolis. By domestic flight we will visit Qeshm Island and the neighboring one, Hormuz. This is just a part of what is expecting us in this beautiful country.

The dates and price for the Iran Photography workshop will be announced soon.

You can join our waiting list and get informed the moment everything is set for this amazing Iran Photography Workshop.

Carpet Shop and reading the Kuran -Shiraz,  Iran 2017
Naqsh-e Rostam
The Holy Savior Cathedral
Pink Mosque, Shiraz
Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan, Iran
Maranjab, Iran
Kerman, Iran
Baluch Man
Chahkooh Valley, Qeshm Island - Iran
Vakil mosque in Shiraz, Iran
Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf - Iran
Yazd, Iran
Baluch man on a donkey in Kharanaq, Iran 2017
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